Taxation impacts our economies, both at personal and business levels. When put in to perspective, taxation remains one of the key macro, and micro economic influencer of business decisions. At BernardFrank, we partner with small, medium and multinational corporations as well as NGOs and individual tax payers to offer various tax support services. Our tax services range from conducting highly complex transfer pricing for large multinational to dealing with small and medium size NGOs and individuals seeking simplified tax health checks and tax returns. We specialize in both corporate and individual tax support in the following areas:


  • Tax health checks;
  • Transfer-pricing;
  • Tax computation for all domestic taxes;
  • Tax returns
  • Indirect Tax planning and tax saving measures;
  • Refunds and Tax liability advisory support;
  • Negotiations with Tax Revenue Authorities;
  • Tax returns for both corporate and individuals; and
  • Interpretation of Tax Laws and how they impact on our clients businesses.