Research, Monitoring & Evaluation and Learning

BernardFrank Research is a trusted partner for governments, public sector institutions, and corporates, including development agencies seeking to accomplish strategic transformations, improve performance, and enhance service delivery.

We deliver evidence-based solutions at all levels from focused projects to enterprise-wide programs. We use proven and innovative, data collection, measurement, and analysis methodologies to answer key questions and generate new knowledge and outcomes. We have robust expertise in qualitative and quantitative research whose hallmark is to:

  • Design and translate research and evaluation findings into lessons learned with actionable strategies to shape institutional and public policy responses.
  • We design evidence based training, capacity building and technical assistance in vast areas aimed at ensuring our institutional trainings are needs driven.
  • Knowledge generated from research and evaluation is unhelpful unless it reaches an audience that can respond to it. Our versatile analysts and leaders have direct expertise in knowledge translation. We develop tailored reports, presentations, briefs, infographics, and other materials to facilitate knowledge transfer and engage audiences.
  • We work with public and private institutions in rolling out new training and capacity building curricula that is evidenced by research outcomes on areas of improvement.
  • We conduct feasibility studies, monitor and evaluate projects before, during and after their completion for impactful decision making.