Technology Assurance and Risk Consulting

Whether you are deploying a new ERP system or considering major automation of critical business process, or simply need to carry out a pre or post implementation assessment, we work with organizations to provide implementation and technology assurance related support for business success.

ERP and other Financial Management Information system implementation: BernardFrank works with various organizations in their Financial Management Information System (FMIS)/ERP deployment journey to provide end to end assurance and technical project management support during system implementation.

We bring industry expertise and business process reengineering experience to support organizations in making the right decision in their selection process from needs assessment through procurement up to technical supervision of the actual system implementation to ensure that intended change benefits are realized and surpassed along the following:

  • Research, assessment, and data driven decision making in technology transformation
  • Specialized knowledge in key industries
  • Drafting technical systems design requirements according to organizational needs
  • Development of rigorous tailored pre selection scripts to ensure evidence based selection
  • Dedicated project management support during the implementation process
  • Guidance on integration opportunities on how systems can be integrated with other external solutions
  • Robust in-house experience in Microsoft Dynamics 365 SAP, Oracle and other leading business solutions for public, private and NGO sectors
  • Conducting post implementation reviews to establish value for money and consistency with organizational pre-implementation requirements.

BernardFrank has established strong credentials in mobile money integration support where we work with Fintech and Mobile Network companies to support Business to Customer (B to C) integration. The service is modeled along our commitment to payments efficiency, financial inclusion, and internal controls in Africa.