Internal Audit Outsourcing

As companies strive to optimize output and quality, our Internal Audit outsourcing provides organizations with opportunity to model internal audit to risk based internal audit outsourcing.

To benefit from robust risk proactive assurance opportunities by transforming audit experience to a planning and operational tool rather than compliance oriented “after the fact” external audit model, our internal audit outsourcing has several institutional value additions:

  • Your organization will benefit from top notch advisory modelled assurance aimed at finding solutions rather than listing problems
  • Safeguard the independence of the internal audit function which is often eroded in small teams
  • Provides you with opportunity to obtain an expert opinion on any aspect of your business that requires process technological or people remodeling
  • The variable cost model allows you to scale up and down as risks dictate: Internal Audit is sized to your risk profile
  • Depending on the nature of your operations and key risks it may be the strongest safeguard against major governance, process, transactions, or non-compliance safeguard.